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AC&C Official home-page.

Non-profit organization devoted to stop any kind of distribution of cracked sharware and commercial software, stop crackers, educating against piracy, helping ISP to avoid illegal traffic.

This web-site is partially under costruction, and it's updated often. We're looking for a sponsor that give us for free a domain ( or something like that). The actual location and email for our pages is temporarly, and will be changed as soon as possible. When we'll change the location we'll provide a link on this site. If you are interested to be a sponsor and give us a domain for our organization (we need 30Mb of space for our pages and all the stuffs), or if you know someone that could be interested in our organization, contact us immediatly.

The mantainer of these pages is not english mother tongue and you may find errors. Apologize for this, but we believe that it's not important right now. We have to work on most important things.

Crackers will destory software market and authors if we don't stop them!

Some reasons to stop crackers:
  • Crackers are against software market. They are making serious workers in trouble with their illegal acitivity. There are companies that has been destroied by crackers.
  • Crackers are against quality of the software. Companies spends alot of time to protect their software from these peoples. This time could be spent to add features to their software and make the quality of their software higher.
  • Crackers make price of software higher. If a company needs 50,000 houres of work to develope a software and 5,000 houres to write a good protection scheme, the price of the software will be 10% higher. If you spend $100 for a program, $10 are because crackers!
  • Crackers make you in trouble! They think to do something good for the comunity cracking software. They are sure to help peoples, but they don't understand that they damage everyone. If you download and install a cracked software, you risk the jail! In all the world there are piracy laws and copyright rules. Crackers are sending many ignare computer users in jail. Internet users found cracked software on the net, and they think that it's public (so... usable). But that's not true! You risk the only because you have a cracked software on your computer.
  • Cracking it's easy. Develope good software it's not easy. Crackers thinks to be superior to authors just because they don't work for money, and they think to be creative. But cracking a software it's very easy. Developing a software it's not easy at all. Cracking it's not creative. If they want to claim to be good programmer, they should write good software, not spend their life working against software and users.
  • Crackers are criminal. They distribute illegal material: cracked software, credit card numbers, serial numbers, industrial secrets, illegal information, often they write viruses. We must stop them!
  • Crackers are against the freedom in internet. They claim to want freedom on internet, but they work against freedom! With their acitivity they will force authorities to censure the internet. We don't want internet censured, so we must stop their illegal use of internet!
  • Crackers are against work. Many software authors have changed job because they felt frustrated to be attaked by crackers.

How to stop them:

We must fight them in many ways:
  • Closing their public-sites on the net. They often have home pages where they distribute cracked software and other illegal material. Normally ISPs that hosts crackers doesn't know to have this kind of material on their site. If you see a cracker home page and you send an email to his ISP, you'll often make the site close. Very easy.
  • Contacting authorities. We're working to contact authorities all over the world. When we find cracked material we advise police (such as FBI) about the illegal activity. It's enough to give them the URL and all the information about the site. They will think to stop the cracker and find out who is responsable of the illegal activity (for example the ISP could be processed with the cracker....).
  • Educating internet users. People must understand that cracking it's illegal and that they shoudn't use cracked material. They risk the jail. They should collaborate with us to stop crackers.
  • Contacting ISPs. ISPs (Internet Service Providers) must check the contents of their servers. There are a few basic rules to follow to see if there is cracked and illegal material on their site, and they should immediatly delete illegal stuffs from their server.
  • Creating a good protection scheme all together. Working all together to the common project to find a good protection scheme to make life of this crackers more difficult. It's almost impossible to make a program safe, but we can make it difficult to crack. We could also start writing a help file with suggestions and tecniques to develope a good protection against crackers. A mailing list will be opened for this pourpose.

    There are also many other things that we are doing against crackers. Check "Our activities" for more informations.

    We need your support! If you help us, you help yourself, the internet comunity and the quality and price of software.

Copyright (c) 1997 By AC&C - All rights reserved.