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Help us!

Important: right now we need a domain for our pages. We are looking for a sponsor that provide us with a domain for our organization (for example We need 20-30 Mb of space, some email address and the possibility to FTP our pages on the server. If you can help us, or if you know someone that can help us, contact us immediatly.

It's very important to understand that EVERYONE can help us! There are many kind of members, and you an be in one or more of the following categories:
  • Friend of AC&C: You just need to send us an email, and tell us that you are a friend of us and your comments about our organization.
  • Supporter: To be a supporter you need to add our banner and link on a page on internet. Check add a link to know how to add the link. Please, link us everywhere!
  • Translator: You are a translator if you correct these pages for us (the writer of these pages it's not an english mother tongue) or if you help us to translate documents and/or email in other languages. Help us with languages! We're looking for translator from all over the world.
  • Programmer: You are a programmer of AC&C if you collaborate with other programmers to find good protections schemes, and if you give good tecnical suggestions. We are working on a manual, and programmers can collaborate all together to this manual. Mailing list for programmers coming soon. Ex-crackers welcomed to help us.
  • Reporter of AC&C: You automatically became a Reporter if you report crack-site URL(s) or email address(es) of cracker(s). To report crack site URL(s) send us an email with URL(s) and a brief explanation. If you send us the email address of a cracker be sure to include documentation about it (where you found it and so on...). Became a reporter of AC&C!! We need MANY reporters to build a database of illegal activities on the net.
  • Agent of AC&C: You are an agent if you help us to close crack-sites with your activity. For example if you send emails to ISPs, if you help us to contact authorities and so on. An Agent is a top member of AC&C. If you want to be an agent, send us an email, we'll give you material to work on, and the rules to follow to work with us.
  • Manager of AC&C: An agent can became a manager. A manager is an agent that check the activity of other agents and give them information and suggestions, have direct contact with authorities, take decisions about the politic of the organization, is involved in organization from every point of view. The manager is the top level of our organization.
  • ISP member of AC&C: If you are a ISP (Internet Service Provider) and you accept to follow some rules to keep your server clean from crackers, we'll give you the right to add a special banner to to your site. Rules to follow are very simple, and you'll avoid to help illegal organizations.
  • Sponsor of AC&C: You became a sponsor if you donate us something. You can donate mainly two things: money and/or resources. We really needs donations. This organization cannot live without your help! Help us!
Remember that AC&C is a non-profit organization, and our members are not paied for their work. They work freely for their motivations. They are not forced to do anything, and they can stop their activity in any moment without any kind of explanation. If you are a member of AC&C you work for the freedom, and you are free!

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