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Our mission.

Our mission is to:
  • Close all cracker-sites on the net! They must stop to distribute for free the result of our work!
  • Be sure that crackers stop their activity. We'll try to be sure that local authorities of these crackers know about them. We don't want necessarily work to close them in a jail, but justice must do something against them.
  • Educate ISPs. They should follow some rule to check if they are hosting crackers.
  • Educate users. Internet users must knows that they risk jail if they use cracked software and that to buy a software give you many advantages. Who use cracked software is a thief.
  • Promote work. Stop thinking that you can use software for free! Peoples that write software are working! If they cannot work, they cannot eat. If they cannot eat, they must change work. If they change work, good software will stop to exist.
  • Study software security. We want to study good protections tecniques. We will contact universities, ex-crackers, and all the peoples that can help us to write a manual about protection schemes. We'll give the updated manual to all members of AC&C (from Reporter level).

There are many things to do! Help us!

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